The National Organisation for the Treatment of Abusers (NOTA) is a registered charity whose job is to support professionals to help prevent sexual abuse.

We started working with NOTA over 10 years ago now. They initially approached us as they needed some business cards printed. Since then the relationship has grown somewhat

We have now got to the stage where we not only manage all of NOTA’s design, print and website requirements, we organise their annual international conference, for over 250 delegates.

We arrange every aspect of the conferences on their behalf. This includes sourcing and booking the venue, sending out the invitations to the delegates and collating their responses, and arranging accommodation. We also ensure the conference looks fantastic, and that their brand visibility is maximised at all times. This is done though branded signage and staging, printed name tags, branded pens, and anything else they need.

Providing a holistic service like this has allowed us to really get to know NOTA, and we are now in the fantastic position where we can ease their workload by pre-empting their needs.


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