How to write a brief

writing a brief

A project brief allows you to communicate your wants and needs to us and to state your expectations.

The project brief is the foundation of your project and therefore needs to be carefully thought out so it can be used throughout the creative process, and to evaluate the project as a whole.

Objectives and goals of the new design

Budget and schedule

Target audience

Any material/performance requirements

Overall style/look

Any definite “Do nots”

Any standards the product needs to conform to

Anticipated production volumes

Objectives and Goals

What do you want the product to do? How do you want the product to work?

Budget and Schedule

Designs will be tailored to your end budget, so let us know an idea of cost, whether this is an expected rrp for the product or your budget for things like tooling. Your schedule is also important as it will have a bearing on processes used. Let us know if you are on a deadline and we’ll consider this throughout the design process.

Target audience

Who do you want your product to appeal to? This will have a huge impact on the design so make sure you research into the markets beforehand. Describe the people you are aiming at, if it’s more than one demographic then let us know and we’ll do our best to incorporate them.

Overall style

Are you picturing something technical looking or a cute and quirky design? It’s a good idea to give examples of designs you like and don’t like, this will give us a valuable insight into your preferences.

Definite ‘Do nots’

Getting an idea of what you don’t want can save you from wasting time designing features you would then reject.

Any standards the product needs to conform to?

Some products need to meet safety standards, such as electrical and children’s products. Research into relevant standards needs to be carried out so these can be accounted for in the design process.

Anticipated production volumes

Getting an idea of initial production volumes and projected volumes is important as may direct the design to using certain processes or materials in order to be cost efficient.