About Us

In 12 years we’ve grown from a kitchen table startup, into today’s thriving business, not only have we grown in size but in skill sets, a talented bunch of people with a diverse bunch of talents.

Our customer base has also grown into a real ecclectic mix from small local businesses to major national retailers and brewers, we love the diversity this affords us and we treat every project, whatever the size, with the same enthusiasm, care and attention.

Who we are

Simply put, we’re a full service graphic design and marketing agency based in the East Midlands. For over a decade we’ve been helping our clients on a broad range of creatively driven projects including; corporate identity, website design, branding, literature and marketing, It’s not about saying the right thing it’s about saying what we mean. Of course we are creative but more than that we are intuitive, clever, responsible.

What we do

In a nut shell, we help our clients to entice more customers and win more business through red-hot marketing promo’s, beautifully branding and hard hitting marketing campaigns. Our pencils are always at the ready, our Mac’s are always raring to go and our best work is always yet to come. If you’re looking for a marketing agency partner, then you really have found us.

Get in touch

If you’re keen to get your products and services moving at a pace never witnessed before, drop our Creative Director, Andi an email andi@redesigncreative.co.uk. She’s always really thrilled to talk to anybody about anything marketing. Or give her a call on 076967 728 418.